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About Us

"Experience The Genuine Hospitality


Beyond Holiday Group Co.,Ltd.

Beyond Holiday Group Co.,Ltd. is managed by a group individuals that has studied and experience different area in the field of tourism and hospitality. With decades of experience and passion in yachting combine with the hospitality knowledge.  We want to share such experience and passion with people from all around, making it possible with our yacht charter services.

Yacht charter is not just about choosing the yacht you prefer to spend a day out at sea.  It is the experience that comes when charting a yacht, the dinning experience, visiting the unseen destinations, various type of water sport activities that can be done on a yacht.

Luxury Travel in Thailand Pattaya Phuket Samui 

Beyond Holiday Group Co.,ltd redefines the best travel experience in Thailand with the Genuine Hospitality Touch. 

Experience the unseen Thailand by exploring different destinations in the  luxurious surroundings and with your every desire fulfilled.

We put PREMIUM into all of our services whether it the Villa Rental, Yacht Chater, Activities & Tour, and Transfer.  The luxury Villa in Pattaya and Phuket is hand pick to suit our clients needs.   The yacht fleet we  are large yacht fleet in Pattaya and Phuket to choose from whether its luxury motor yacht, sailing catamaran or sport cruisers. .  Our team here at Beyond Holiday Group Co.,ltd. work above and beyond your give you the unforgettable holiday experience to fulled your customised specific requirements for your vacation.


Need to book your private villa in Pattaya, look no further best service and price guarantee.  ​

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